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Có vấn đề về ánh sáng mặt trời dẫn đường

Có vấn đề về ánh sáng mặt trời dẫn đường



Problem Cause


Lamp does light up at all

Ambient light is much stronger

The light source will start automatically when the ambient light dims to a certain degree

Light source is damaged

Replace it with the same light source

The output circuit is open, short, or grounded

Check the output circuit connection

The connection between the storage battery's terminals is an open circuit

Check the connection between the storage battery's terminals and make sure it is okay.

The controller is damaged

Repair the controller or replace it with the same model controller.

Lamp works irregularly or shuts off too soon

The solar panel is covered by other things

Clean the solar panel.

The voltage of the storage battery is below 11.1V (22V for 24V system)

1. If the low voltage is caused by too many rainy days, it will recover automatically when the sun returns.

2. Check the connection of the solar panel

3. Check the battery connection

LED indicator





Remote control system status

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Solar panel indication


Steady on

Solar panel voltage is higher than light control voltage





Solar panel voltage is lower than light control voltage



Slow flash

In charging


Double flash

Battery is fully charged

Fully charged


Quick flash

Lithium battery BMS protection Battery overvoltage; PV panel overvoltage Over temperature (ambient temperature)

E-BMS Battery overvoltage PV panel overvoltage

Over temperature

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Battery indication

Steady on

Battery works properly




Battery is not connected or lithium battery protection

board overdischarge protection



Quick flash

Battery over-discharge

Over discharge

Single flash (One flash per 10 seconds)


Overdischarge, sleep



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Load indication

Steady on

Load is turned on



Load is turned off


Slow flash

Load is open circuited

Open circuit

Quick flash

Load is short circuited

Short circuit